⚡ The 19 Best Crochet Courses for Beginners on Domestika 2024

The art of crochet has come a long way over the centuries, becoming a beloved and appreciated craft technique worldwide. From clothing items to adorable amigurumi characters, crochet offers endless possibilities for those who wish to explore and create with their hands. In this article, we will discover 19 exciting online crochet courses offered by Domestika, taught by experts in the field. If you have always wanted to delve into the world of crochet or are looking to perfect your skills, these courses are perfect for you!

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1. Crochet: Design Garments and Patterns with Circular Knitting – Taught by Estefa González

This course will teach you how to create sweaters and bags using the circular knitting technique that adapts to the natural shape of the human body. With Estefa González as your guide, you will learn to finish the pieces and create patterns that you can use in future projects.

Crochet: Diseña Prendas y Patrones con Tejido Circular - Impartido por Estefa González

2. Crochet: Create and Transform your Amigurumis – Taught by Príncipe del Crochet

Amigurumis are adorable figures that inspire tenderness and warmth. In this course, Príncipe del Crochet will show you how to deconstruct a figure from scratch and knit animals such as crocodiles, seals, or otters.

Crochet: Crea y Transforma tus Amigurumis - Impartido por Príncipe del Crochet

3. Crochet Garment Design: Pattern Making and Size Scaling – Taught by Laura Algarra

In this course, Laura Algarra will teach you how to design crochet garments, including a final project to create a long-sleeved jersey or sweater. You will also learn how to adjust sizes to create unique and personalized pieces.

Diseño de Prendas a Crochet: Patronaje y Escalado de Tallas - Impartido por Laura Algarra

4. Top-down: One-Piece Crochet Garments – Taught by Estefa González

Estefa González shares her passion for top-down, a crochet technique that involves knitting seamless garments. You will learn how to take measurements, adapt your designs to different materials, and give them finishes full of personality.

Top-down: Prendas a Crochet de una Sola Pieza - Impartido por Estefa González

5. Crochet: Create Garments with a Single Needle – Taught by Alicia Recio Rodríguez (Alimaravillas)

In this course, Alicia will show you how to crochet garments using only one crochet hook, creating textures similar to those obtained with knitting needles. You will also learn the Colorwork technique to create colorful garments.

Crochet: Crea Prendas con una Sola Aguja - Impartido por Alicia Recio Rodríguez (Alimaravillas)

6. Intarsia Crochet: Knit your Own Tapestries – Taught by Flor Samoilenco

Discover the intarsia crochet technique, which allows you to design and knit tapestries with color changes. Flor Samoilenco will guide you through the entire process to create pieces with unique textures and volumes, inspired by geometry, architecture, and nature.

Intarsia Crochet: Teje tus Propios Tapices - Impartido por Flor Samoilenco

7. Crochet: knit a colorful sweater with floral applications – Taught by Relmü Tejidos

In this online course, María Jesús Labbé will teach you how to design and crochet a colorful sweater with floral appliqués, while learning about the story behind her slow fashion project: Relmü Tejidos. It’s a network of women, crochet enthusiasts, who create original, colorful, soulful pieces, and serve as an example of sustainable fashion.

Crochet: teje un suéter colorido con aplicaciones florales - Impartido por Relmü Tejidos

8. Amigurumi: Creating Characters with Crochet – Taught by Ameskeria

Leire Villar, conocida como Ameskeria, te enseñará técnicas básicas para crear muñecos amigurumis basados en tus propias ilustraciones. Aprenderás a tejer en plano y en volumen para dar vida a tus personajes de crochet.

Leire Villar, known as Ameskeria, will teach you basic techniques to create amigurumi dolls based on your own illustrations. You will learn how to crochet flat and in the round to bring your crochet characters to life.

Amigurumi: Creación de Personajes con Ganchillo - Impartido por Ameskeria

9. Amigurumi: Design of Clothes, Hair and Accessories – Taught by Ameskeria

If you want to specialize even further with Leire Villar, in this course, she will teach you how to design clothing, hair, and accessories for your amigurumi dolls. You will learn how to get inspired, select colors and materials, and create sketches for your projects.

Amigurumi: Diseño de Ropa, Pelo y Complementos - Impartido por Ameskeria

10. Punch Needle and Crochet: Create Unique Characters – Taught by Jocelin González (Toys Larua)

In this course, Jocelin González combines crochet with the punch needle embroidery technique to create unique characters. You will learn all about both techniques and crochet a decorative picture while getting ideas for future projects.

Punch Needle y Crochet: Crea Personajes Únicos - Impartido por Jocelin González (Toys Larua)

11. Introduction to Tapestry – Taught by Poetryarn (Ángela Cayero)

Ángela Cayero, also known as Poetryarn, will teach you the tapestry technique, with which you can create vibrant patterns and textures. You will learn the basic crochet stitches and weaving directions to design unique pieces.

Introducción al Tapestry - Impartido por Poetryarn (Ángela Cayero)

12. Basic Knitting and Crochet Techniques – Taught by Binge Knitting (Bárbara Bremer and Carolina Herrera)

Binge Knitting invites you to be part of its creative universe in this course, where you will learn basic knitting and crochet techniques. From conceptualization to the final result, they will guide you to create your own pieces with a contemporary and timeless style.

Técnicas Básicas de Knitting y Crochet - Impartido por Binge Knitting (Bárbara Bremer y Carolina Herrera)

13. Crochet Techniques for Knitting Marine Life – Taught by Marianne Seiman

Learn how to create seashells, fish, and seaweed sprouts using crochet techniques inspired by natural forms. By the end, you’ll be able to apply these pieces to clothing accessories, jewelry, or wall decorations.

Técnicas de Crochet para Tejer la Vida Marina - Impartido por Marianne Seiman

14. Crochet Techniques to Create Colorful Garments – Taught by Marie Castro

Marie Castro will teach you how to knit colorful, textured garments using different stitches. Additionally, she will show you how to create two dresses and transform them into tops to vary your style.

Técnicas de Crochet para Crear Prendas Coloridas - Impartido por Marie Castro

15. Upcycling with Crochet for Beginners – Taught by Emma Friedlander Collins (Steel and Stitch)

Learn how to breathe new life into garments you no longer wear using simple crochet techniques. Emma Friedlander Collins will guide you in upcycling, recycling clothes, and creating stunning results with her techniques and resources.

Upcycling con Crochet para Principiantes - Impartido por Emma Friedlander Collins (Steel and Stitch)

16. Crochet: Design and Knit Romantic Style Garments – Taught by Alelí Deco (Estefanía)

Estefanía, known as Alelí Deco, will teach you how to knit romantic-style garments with eye-catching textures and basic stitches. You will learn to create a unique garment that reflects your personal style.

Crochet: Diseña y Teje Prendas de Estilo Romántico - Impartido por Alelí Deco (Estefanía)

17. Creating Romantic Amigurumi Dolls – Taught by Tutitas

In this course, Tutitas will guide you step by step to crochet a romantic amigurumi doll. You will personalize your doll with pastel tones and charming details, creating an endearing and unique piece.

Elaboración de Muñecas Amigurumi Románticas - Impartido por Tutitas

18. Amigurumis: Crocheted People – Taught by Lhylaraña

Lhylaraña specializes in creating crocheted portraits of people. In this course, you will learn to portray anyone you want using only yarn and a hook, paying special attention to clothing, hair, and accessories.

Amigurumis: Personas Tejidas a Crochet - Impartido por Lhylaraña

19. Crochet Garments Full of Color and Texture – Taught by Susimiu (Laura Carmona)

Susimiu (Laura Carmona) will show you how to knit garments with color combinations and textures, using different stitches to find your own style. You will start with simple stitches and advance to create your own sweater, inspiring future projects.

Prendas a Crochet Llenas de Color y Textura - Impartido por Susimiu (Laura Carmona)

With these 19 exciting online crochet courses offered by experts on Domestika, you have all the tools to begin your journey into the wonderful world of crochet or to improve your existing skills. From clothing items to adorable amigurumi dolls, creativity knows no bounds when it comes to knitting with yarn and crochet hooks. So don’t wait any longer! Explore these courses and be inspired by the talented artists who will share their techniques, styles, and tips so you can create your own crochet masterpieces. Let’s get crocheting!

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