⚡ Top 8 VRChat Avatar, Clothing, Worlds and More (PC+QUEST)

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Find your best VRCHAT Avatar rated by the Gumroad community below, and start your journey with one of them today:

  1. Novabeast [VRChat Avatar] 5.0 (Paid)

  1. Akia Hybrid Furry (Masc/Fem) Vrchat 3.0 (PC + QUEST) (Paid)

  1. Meeko Furry Raccoon Vrchat 3.0 (PC + QUEST) (Paid)

  1. Sindragosa

  1. Azalea Dragon Vrchat 3.0 PC + QUEST (Paid)

  1. Winterpaw’s Chibi Mini Canine ~ VRChat PC/Quest + VTuber (Paid)

  1. Kyoko Fox Vrchat 3.0 PC+QUEST with gogoloco (Paid)

  1. Juniper PC + Quest Vrchat 3.0 Physbones + Gogoloco (Paid)

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