15 Free Clip Studio Paint Brushes for Manga-Style Drawing

Enhance your manga illustrations with this set of free, custom digital brushes designed for Clip Studio Paint.

Manga, a beloved art form worldwide, encompasses Japanese comics and graphic novels known for their recognizable and diverse styles and genres. The visual language of manga often features distinctive characteristics, such as characters with large eyes and small mouths.

Kenny Ruiz (@kennyruiz), a manga illustrator, relies on specific tools to bring his comics to life and capture the expressive nature of manga-style art. Among his essential tools are customized digital brushes.

In this exclusive download, Kenny generously shares fifteen digital brushes tailored for the digital painting platform Clip Studio Paint. These brushes, staples in his own library, are designed to help you improve and experiment with your manga-style illustrations. Download them now and take your manga artwork to the next level! 🎨🖌️✨

🎨 Download Brushes Here ←

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