18 Free Photoshop and Procreate Drawing Brushes

Embark on a creative journey and define your artistic language with the help of Catalina Bu’s (@catalinabu) digital brushes! Drawing is not just about perfection or beauty; it’s a personal manifesto, an expression of ideas translated through strokes, lines, and colors. Catalina Bu believes that everyone can embrace this artistic challenge with a sketchbook, a notebook, and a daily practice.


In the digital realm, Catalina shares the key to refining your results and pushing the boundaries of your drawing language. With eighteen digital brushes, she invites you to experiment, explore, and cultivate your unique style. Unleash your creativity, one stroke at a time, as you unlock the power of daily drawing in the digital domain. 🎨💻✨

🎨 Download Brushes Here ←

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