Review: Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop – A course by Fernanda Suarez

Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop - A course by Fernanda Suarez

If you’ve ever marveled at detailed character portraits in digital art and wished to master the skills to create them yourself, then look no further than the “Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop” course by the talented digital illustrator and character designer, Fernanda Suarez. With 97% positive reviews from over 3217 students, this course is a treasure trove for anyone looking to explore the world of character design and illustration. In this review, we’ll delve into the course’s strengths, its content, the supportive community, and the captivating projects you’ll get to work on.

Introduction: A Journey into Digital Art Mastery

Fernanda Suarez, your esteemed teacher for this course, welcomes you into the vibrant realm of digital painting in Photoshop. Her impressive portfolio, including characters for board games like “Dead of Winter” and collaborations with esteemed publishers, serves as an inspiring testament to her expertise. Her passion for digital art is contagious, and you’ll feel excited to embark on this creative journey.


The First Steps: Laying the Foundation for Masterpieces

In this section, Fernanda guides you through the initial steps of character design. She helps you envision the story and personality of your protagonist while introducing the fundamental concepts of light, shadow, and value. You’ll gain insights into the magic of digital brushes, exploring the techniques that add life to your characters.

Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop - A course by Fernanda Suarez

Creating the Concept: From Imagination to Canvas

Now, it’s time to bring your ideas to life on the digital canvas. Fernanda shares her creative process, from creating mood boards and finding inspiration to sketching the human figure and setting the perfect color palette. You’ll be amazed at how she captures the essence of characters and turns them into visual masterpieces.

The Digital Painting: Adding Depth and Detail

With the foundation laid and the concept ready, you’ll move on to the exciting phase of digital painting. Fernanda demonstrates how to sketch the human figure, apply base colors, and add intricate details to the face, hair, clothing, and accessories. You’ll witness the transformation of a blank canvas into a captivating character portrait, complete with a mesmerizing background.

Advice for Self-Promotion: Nurturing Your Creative Journey

As your digital artistry flourishes, Fernanda offers invaluable advice on self-promotion and art development. You’ll gain insights into promoting your work, connecting with the creative community, and nurturing your artistic growth. This section empowers you to take your skills beyond the course and establish yourself as a digital art connoisseur.

Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop - A course by Fernanda Suarez

Final Project: Unleash Your Creative Vision

The culmination of the course lies in the final project, where you’ll illustrate a detailed character in Photoshop from scratch. Guided by Fernanda’s expertise, you’ll apply all the techniques and concepts learned, creating a unique character portrait that truly reflects your creativity.


Community: A Supportive Oasis for Creatives

Throughout the course, you’ll find yourself in the company of a thriving creative community. Interact with fellow students, share your progress, seek feedback, and witness the diversity of artistic expressions. This vibrant community adds depth to your learning experience, making it enjoyable and enriching.

Projects by Course Students: A Gallery of Inspiration

The projects completed by course students serve as a testament to the course’s transformative power. Witnessing the unique character portraits produced by fellow learners can ignite your imagination and motivate you to explore new artistic horizons.

Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop - A course by Fernanda Suarez

Why Take This Course?

  1. Learn from a Master: Fernanda Suarez’s extensive experience as a digital illustrator and character designer ensures that you’ll receive expert guidance throughout the course.
  2. Express Emotions through Art: Unlock the power to communicate emotions and stories through your digital art. This course empowers you to breathe life into your characters and make them relatable to your audience.
  3. Join a Vibrant Community: Being a part of Domestika’s creative community offers you support, inspiration, and feedback from fellow artists worldwide, enhancing your growth as a digital painter.

FAQs about the Course

  1. Do I need any prior experience in digital art or Photoshop?
    Basic knowledge of Photoshop and the ability to draw the human figure are required for this course. Fernanda’s guidance will ensure that you develop the necessary skills throughout the lessons.
  2. What materials do I need for this course?
    To take this course, you need access to Photoshop or a similar digital painting software. Having a graphic tablet will further enhance your experience, but it’s not a strict requirement.
  3. Who is this course for?
    This course is designed for anyone interested in learning digital painting techniques to create detailed character portraits. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, this course offers something for everyone.

Conclusion: Embrace the Art of Digital Character Painting

The “Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop” course by Fernanda Suarez is a gateway to unlocking your creative potential in the realm of digital art. From laying the groundwork to adding intricate details, Fernanda’s expert guidance and the support of a creative community empower you to create captivating character portraits. Whether you aspire to illustrate for board games, books, or personal projects, this course is a must for anyone with a passion for digital painting and character design.

Unleash your creative potential and master the art of digital character painting with Fernanda Suarez. Enroll in “Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop” today and embark on a journey of artistic expression and growth.

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Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop - A course by Fernanda Suarez


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