Elevate Your Packaging Design with Analogue Techniques with Pata Studio

Packaging Design through analogue experimentation - A course by Pata Studio

Packaging Design through Analogue Experimentation: A Creative Journey with Pata Studio

Are you ready to embark on a creative adventure that will transform your packaging design skills? Look no further than the captivating course “Packaging Design through Analogue Experimentation” by Pata Studio. This course, led by the talented Zeynep Başay, co-founder of the award-winning design studio Pata, offers a unique and hands-on approach to packaging design that will leave you inspired and ready to create stunning designs. Let’s dive into the details of this exceptional course.

Unleash Your Creativity

Discover the Power of Analogue Techniques

One of the standout features of this course is its emphasis on analogue experimentation. In a world dominated by digital design tools, Pata Studio takes you back to the roots of design, allowing you to explore the tactile and sensory aspects of packaging creation. This approach sets the course apart and encourages you to think outside the box—literally!

What You’ll Learn

A Comprehensive Learning Experience

With 17 engaging lessons and 14 valuable downloads, this course covers all aspects of packaging design. From understanding client briefs to crafting mood boards and concept sketches, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the design process. The course also delves into the crucial elements of logo design, typography, and color palette selection, ensuring you have a solid foundation to create remarkable packaging.

The Final Project

Unleash Your Imagination

The culmination of this course is the final project—a packaging design for a chocolate bar. However, the beauty of this project lies in your creative freedom. You’re encouraged to choose any product you like and apply the concepts and techniques learned throughout the course. This freedom allows you to infuse your personality into your designs and create packaging that truly stands out.

Who Should Enroll?

For Aspiring and Experienced Designers Alike

This course caters to a wide audience. Whether you’re an aspiring designer eager to learn the fundamentals or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, “Packaging Design through Analogue Experimentation” offers valuable insights and practical techniques that will elevate your craft.

Requirements and Materials

No Prior Experience Necessary

While no prior experience is required, having a basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator can be beneficial. Additionally, you’ll need drawing, painting, or art materials to experiment with analogue techniques. A basic understanding of Photoshop and Illustrator will also be helpful for refining your designs digitally.

Meet Zeynep Başay

Learn from an Industry Expert

Zeynep Başay, the co-founder of Pata Studio, is an industry expert with a passion for timeless designs. Her work has gained recognition worldwide, and she brings her unique perspective and expertise to the world of packaging design. Through this course, Zeynep shares her creative process and insights, empowering students to create outstanding handcrafted packaging designs.

Course Statistics

Three Reasons to Consider This Course

  1. Unique Analogue Approach: This course distinguishes itself by teaching analogue techniques in a digital world, offering a fresh perspective on packaging design.
  2. Creative Freedom: The final project allows you to choose any product for your packaging design, giving you the freedom to explore your unique style and vision.
  3. Expert Guidance: Learn from Zeynep Başay, an industry expert with a passion for craftsmanship and eco-friendly practices.


Q1: What are Domestika’s online courses? Domestika offers a wide range of online courses taught by industry professionals. These courses cover various creative fields and allow learners to develop their skills at their own pace.

Q2: When do the courses start and when do they finish? Domestika courses are designed to be self-paced, allowing you to start whenever you’re ready and complete them at your own convenience.

Q3: What do Domestika’s courses include? Domestika courses include video lessons, downloadable resources, and the opportunity to interact with a global creative community. Plus members can receive custom certificates signed by their teachers.

Take Action and Ignite Your Creativity!

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your packaging design skills with “Packaging Design through Analogue Experimentation” by Pata Studio. Embrace the power of analogue techniques, unleash your creativity, and create packaging designs that leave a lasting impression.

Ready to embark on this creative journey? Enroll today and take your packaging design skills to the next level.

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