From Still to Alive: A Guide to Crafting Compelling Animations in Adobe Fresco – A course by Kyle T Webster


“Creating a Compelling Animated Illustration in Adobe Fresco” is a highly acclaimed course by Kyle T. Webster, an internationally awarded artist known for his expertise in illustration and animation. The course, suitable for both experienced illustrators and those with basic drawing skills, delves into the world of Adobe Fresco. Learners explore brushes, layers, movements, perspective, and animation tools to create captivating animated illustrations without traditional frame-by-frame workflows. The final project involves crafting an impressive, storytelling illustration enriched with subtle animation. With positive reviews from 2582 students, the course provides valuable insights into directing viewer attention, conveying emotions, and making thoughtful artistic decisions.

Key Points:

  • Course Highlights:
    • Focus on Adobe Fresco’s unique features for animated illustrations.
    • 19 lessons covering brushes, layers, perspective, motion, and animation.
    • Final project: Crafting an animated illustration showcasing newfound skills.
  • Instructor Profile:
    • Kyle T. Webster, an award-winning artist with over two decades of experience.
    • Renowned for collaborations with prestigious publications and contributions to Adobe Fresco’s development.
    • Founder of and creator of the “Lines of Zen” drawing app.
  • Student Projects:
    • Showcase of student projects, illustrating the diversity of creative outcomes.
    • Examples include animated illustrations by marcielerommel, Ann Ram, Monique Wijbrands, and Anna Petrikova.
  • Target Audience:
    • Ideal for individuals with drawing skills seeking to elevate illustrations through animation.
    • Suited for both experienced illustrators exploring Adobe Fresco’s animation tools and beginners aiming to enhance their skills.

From Still to Alive: A Guide to Crafting Compelling Animations in Adobe Fresco

  • Requirements:
    • Drawing tablet, stylus, and Adobe Fresco installed on the device.
  • Reviews:
    • Positive reviews from 2582 students praising Kyle’s teaching skills.
    • Emphasis on Kyle’s expertise and the course’s suitability for various skill levels.
  • Subscription Information:
    • Offered on Domestika Plus with a subscription cost of $6.99 USD (88% discount from $59.99 USD).
    • Monthly Domestika Plus subscription at $9.99 USD, providing access to this and 1000+ other courses.
  • Additional Information:
    • Audio in English with subtitles available in multiple languages.
    • Intermediate level, offering unlimited access forever.

From Still to Alive A Guide to Crafting Compelling Animations in Adobe Fresco