Best brushes for realistic painting in Procreate in 2024

Hello there! In case you’re on the lookout for brushes to spice up your creations, I’ve compiled a list of both paid and free options that you can grab for download:

  1. Artwork Tattoo License for Tattoo Artists (Paid)

  1. The Complete #DTIYS Exercise Set (Paid)

  1. All in One – Drawing Workbooks (Paid)

  1. ‘All in One’ Proportion- and Perspective Stamp Set (Paid)

  1. Realistic Fur Brushes (Paid)

  1. 61 Skin Brushes for High Realism (Paid)

  1. 20 Hair Brushes for High Realism (Paid)

  1. 40 essential Portrait Brushes for High Realism (Paid)

  1. The Ultimate Brush Set with all my 102 Brushes (Paid)

  1. All my digital products in one (Paid)

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