Data Visualization Course: Turning Data into Art – A course by Superdot – visualizing complexity

Embark on a transformative journey as you learn the art of turning intricate data into captivating visual narratives through this comprehensive data visualization course. Guided by accomplished graphic designers Nicole Lachenmeier and Darjan Hil, renowned for their distinctive approach to information design, you’ll gain invaluable insights into creating visually engaging and easily understandable forms, with a particular focus on posters.

Drawing from a portfolio adorned with accolades such as the Arch+ and Bauhaus competition, the German Press Agency Award, and the Kantar Information Is Beautiful Award, Nicole and Darjan bring their wealth of experience to mentor you in the realm of data visualization – an essential skill in our information-driven world.

Explore the concept of “data experience” through Nicole’s expertise, characterized by a highly graphic, geometric, and colorful style. Learn to transform information into not just informative but also aesthetically pleasing, structured, and accessible visual stories.

Following this, Darjan, an analytical thinker, will guide you in dissecting and refining every chart. Emphasizing the significance of innovative diagrams and diverse perspectives in abstraction, Darjan’s teachings will elevate your understanding of data visualization, enabling you to craft compelling visual stories that resonate with your audience.

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