Download Free PDF: Watercolor Painting Exercises for Working with Color

Unlock the secrets to elevate your floral watercolor illustrations by mastering values, tones, and gradients!

Watercolor, with its versatile and fluid nature, offers boundless creative opportunities. It adapts to the artist’s unique style, producing unexpected results that span from picturesque landscapes to expressive character illustrations.

In this exclusive free watercolor PDF, dive into a world of artistic exploration with graphic designer and watercolor artist Inga Buividavice (@inga_buive). Inga shares a series of four practical color exercises designed to help you master various effects with watercolor paint. Through these exercises, refine your skills in value control, tone adjustment, color mixing, and more, taking your floral illustrations to new heights. Embrace the versatility of watercolor and infuse your artwork with a spectrum of captivating effects! 🎨🌸

Download PDF File Here ←

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