Free brushes for Photoshop and Procreate by Alessia Trunfio

Elevate your illustrations with a touch of uniqueness! Download Alessia Trunfio’s free brushes designed for both Photoshop and Procreate, and infuse your artwork with a distinctive flair.

Illustrations possess the remarkable ability to convey ideas and tell stories solely through the art of drawing. Elements like features, poses, framing, composition, colors, and shadows work together to craft a visual narrative that communicates the story you wish to tell. Alessia Trunfio (@aletrunfio), an international children’s book illustrator, recognized her passion for drawing early on and pursued her dreams diligently. Today, we can enjoy her illustrations and learn from the techniques of this talented artist.

In her online course on Domestika, “Expressive Digital Illustration: Learn How to Transmit Emotions,” Alessia shares key insights into creating digital art with a powerful narrative impact. Explore how to infuse personality and emotions into your characters, guiding you through each step of the illustration process, from sketching to final editing. Learn to outline main characters, define intricate details like mouths, hair, and clothing, and discover the art of coloring and utilizing a curated collection of brushes to bring your illustrations to life. Download Alessia Trunfio’s brushes now and embark on a journey to enhance your artistic expression! 🎨✨

Drawing and coloring brushes

Donwload Here ←

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