Free Download: Pencil Package to Illustrate Your Next Photoshop Portrait

Illustrator Oscar Giménez generously shares a set of pencils with the Domestika community, a valuable resource that promises to significantly enhance your Photoshop portraits.

With 13 years of experience in illustration, Oscar Giménez, passionate about music and graphic arts, combines these interests in his work, creating pieces that stand out with unique elements. Specializing in portraiture, he has compiled concert illustrations in the book “Sold Out” and contributes to Yorokobu Magazine’s ‘Rock n’ Draw’ section.

This set of pencils, offered by Oscar Giménez, is a fantastic tool to elevate your Photoshop portraits, bringing a new level of detail and expression to your digital artwork. Download, experiment, and watch your portraits transform into captivating works of art! 🎨✨

🎨 Download Brushes Here ←

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Free Brushes that you can download ↓:

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