Free Download: Procreate Comic Brushes Pack for Book Art

Experiment with different textures and organic brushes for comic art, giving a unique look to your digital artwork.

Procreate, a favored tool for illustrators and cartoonists worldwide, provides a platform for experimentation with various techniques and styles without the constraints of traditional art materials. The recent Procreate update has enhanced creative possibilities, inspiring artists to explore new tools and techniques on their iPads turned portable studios.

Microbians (@microbians), a dedicated Procreate user, has seized this opportunity to review a set of brushes ideal for graphic novels and comic book art. Now, he generously shares this set with the Domestika community, allowing you to infuse your digital artwork with diverse textures and creative flair. Download the brushes, dive into experimentation, and watch your comic art take on a fresh and distinctive appearance! 🖌️📖


🎨 Download Brushes Here ←

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Free Brushes that you can download ↓:

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