Illustration Tutorial: How to Draw Different Body Types

Dive into the art of character design with Magdalina Dianova (@magdalina_dianova) as she guides you through the process of illustrating female and male characters with curvy, muscular, or slender body shapes using the digital illustration software Procreate.

In the realm of character design, mastering the ability to draw diverse body types is crucial for creating distinctive and inclusive characters. Whether you aim to depict slim, plus-sized, or muscular figures, it all begins with a solid understanding of breaking down designs into simple shapes and defining proportions.

In this Procreate tutorial, Magdalina, a character designer in the animation industry with clients like DreamWorks, shares her expertise step by step. Join her in this creative journey as she demonstrates how to digitally illustrate characters with various body shapes, providing valuable insights into the intricacies of curvy, slender, and athletic forms. Watch the video below and unlock the secrets to crafting diverse characters in the digital realm! 🎨💻✨

🎬 Watch The Video Here ←

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