Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Sci-Fi Effect

Embark on a journey to create futuristic atmospheres by learning how to transform photos with sci-fi elements, guided by concept artist Diogo Sampaio (@diogosampaio).

For thousands of years, humanity has been captivated by the idea of imagining new worlds and exploring the possibilities of the future through the lens of science fiction. This genre encompasses fictional and imaginative concepts related to space, time, technology, dystopia, parallel universes, climate change, extraterrestrial life, apocalyptic scenarios, and a future dominated by machines. Science fiction provides a canvas for the boundless power of imagination.

Diogo Sampaio, a talented Concept Artist and Matte Painter, specializes in creating surreal and futuristic scenes by seamlessly combining images through the art of photomontage. His work often draws inspiration from the aesthetics of science fiction, bringing to life ideas for projects in development.

In this tutorial, Diogo shares his expertise, teaching you how to achieve a seamless sci-fi aesthetic using a few essential Adobe Photoshop tools. Download this tutorial now and dive into the world of creating compelling and otherworldly scenes! 🌌🚀🖌️

🎬 Watch The Video Here ←

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