The Best 12 brushes for Photoshop and Procreate – Digital Painting – Well-Reviewed on Gumroad (Paid and Free) in 2024

Hello there! In case you’re on the lookout for brushes for your creations, I’ve compiled a list of both paid and free options that you can grab for download:

  1. Lane’s Photoshop Master Pack (The Complete Set) (Paid)

  1. The Ultimate Brush Set with all my 102 Brushes – Laura H. Rubin (Paid)

  1. Jingsketch Photoshop Brushes: Complete Collection v1.9 (Paid)

  1. Procreate Texture Brushes by BigPear Liu (Paid)

  1. The Oil MaxPack – Brushes for Procreate (Paid)

  1. The Pixel Art Experience Brush Set for Procreate (Paid)

  1. Full of Texture! 9 types of Procreate Brush for Portrait (Paid)

  1. ATOMOON brush (Paid)

  1. HAEYOON Portrait brush set (8) for Procreate (Paid)

  1. Realistic Photoshop Oil & Acrylic Brush Pack – MA-BRUSHES (Paid)

  1. ErgoIndex Brushset Bundle! [ Procreate Edition ] + lifetime updates! (Paid)

  1. OIL: Over 300 Brushes for Procreate. All New! (Paid)

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