The best portrait drawing and painting courses on Domestika in 2024

From Sketch to Masterpiece: Essential Techniques for Portrait Drawing

Discover the artistry behind creating mesmerizing portraits by immersing yourself in the expertise of renowned masters. Dive into their video demonstrations, where every stroke and technique is unveiled with precision and clarity. Explore the comprehensive courses offered by esteemed instructors below, and unlock the secrets to bringing portraits to life like never before. Witness the transformative power of their teachings firsthand as you embark on a journey of skill refinement and creative expression.

Check out a selection of some of the best courses you can discover this year below. And don’t worry if you’re a beginner, there are courses from beginners to advanced. Furthermore, the course prices are very affordable.

  1. Portrait Painting with Oil Explore Light and Shade – A course by Jane French

  1. Artistic Portrait with Watercolors – A course by Ale Casanova

  1. Contemporary Oil Portraiture – A course by Torsten Wolber

  1. Expressive Oil Portraiture: Explore the Alla Prima Technique – A course by A.J. Alper

  1. Realistic Oil Portraiture: Conveying Detail and Expression – A course by Alan Coulson

  1. Portrait Sketchbooking: Explore the Human Face – A course by Gabriela Niko

  1. Illustrated Portrait in Watercolor – A course by Ana Santos

  1. Classical Portrait Drawing: The Renaissance Man’s Method – A course by Michele Bajona

  1. Graphite Drawing Techniques for Planar Portraiture – A course by Dan Thompson

  1. Realistic Portrait with Coloured Pencils – A course by Néstor Canavarro

  1. Pencil Portraits: Light, Shadow, and Proportion – A course by Juan Perednik

  1. Realistic Portraits Using Charcoal – A course by Xavier Denia Valls

  1. Illustration with Pastel and Coloured Pencils – A course by Elena Pancorbo

  1. Illustration Techniques with Digital Watercolor – A course by Ricard López Iglesias

  1. Contemporary Portraiture in Watercolor – A course by Nuno Pinto

  1. Portrait Illustration with Analog and Digital Techniques – A course by Amy Pearson

  1. Introduction to Realistic Oil Portraiture – A course by Laura Cuadros

  1. Experimental Oil Painting Techniques for Portraiture – A course by Andrés Kal

  1. Graphite Line Drawing for Portrait Sketchbooking – A course by Anaïs Gonzalez

  1. Figure Drawing: The Human Head – A course by ZURSOIF Miguel Bustos Gómez


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