The Best Vrchat Avatar on Gumroad (Paid and Free) in 2024 PART 5

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Greetings VRChat enthusiasts! If you’re on the lookout for top-tier avatars, assets, and accessories to elevate your VRChat experience, your search ends here. Explore our carefully curated list of The Best VRChat Avatars, Assets, and Accessories from Gumroad in 2024. Whether you’re seeking unique avatars, immersive assets, or stylish accessories, this collection features a blend of both paid and free options. Dive into the virtual realm and enhance your VRChat journey with the finest offerings available on Gumroad!

  1. Nawiko – A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest) (Paid)


  1. Yuri (limited free avatar)_RE (VRChat Avatar) [Personal License] (Paid)

  1. [Charity] Honeydrop [SFW-PC+QUEST] (Paid)

  1. Levi [Vrchat Avatar] (Paid)

  1. Secret [Vrchat Avatar] (Paid)

  1. Shiori [Vrchat Avatar] (Paid)


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